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    Character sketch of Arvind Ghosh – Joint Secretary of R&W for the Pakistan Desk. Third in command at R&W. Forty-eight years of age, tall and fit and maintains a well groomed French goatee. He is shrewd, sharp and ambitious and holds a Masters degree in Economics from University of Warwick. His ambition made him climb the ladder of success at a fast pace. He is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and English. He is stylish and wears his suits with a scarf and not neckties. He can be cold in his behavior. He is married and his wife is a homemaker. He has twin sons and they are studying at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. His parents died a few years back. While Arvind’s mother was a simple housewife, his father was the infamous Anirban Ghosh who during his prime days had ardently reported on the surreptitious creation of the Mukti Bahini by the Indian Armed forces and the subterfuge that had led to the creation of Bangladesh. His father was a fervent supporter of the Muslim league and believed that had India not interfered, Pakistan could have easily handled the tensions building up in East Pakistan. He believed that Hindus purposely caused chaos to make the Muslims lose control and form a new state. Arvind was influenced by his father and had decided early on his life to be a spy and bring about change from within.
    Arvind is confident and stern. He gets irritated easily and has a temper. He has the knack to capitalize on opportunities. He is egoistic and is aware about his capabilities. He is patriotic and conducts his duty with fervor. He smokes cigarettes.

    Let me know your thoughts about the character and the impression it created on you.


    Character Sketch of Jagmohan Reddy – Additional Secretary of R&W. Second in command. He is tall and fifty-two years old, yet is lanky and fit. He is shrewd and ambitious. He fluently speaks Urdu, Telegu, English, German and Hindi. He is soft spoken, a keen observer and has great intermingling skills. He is an avid reader and is a hardworking self made man. He is a highly decorated officer and is a well travelled person. He reads and follows theories on global economics.

    Let me know your thoughts about the character and the impression it created on you.


    I am putting up a casual interactive whodunit. Consider this as a side adventure for Vikram and Ranbir.

    Mr. Aman Singh, MD of an investment firm was found murdered this morning in his office.
    Vikram and Ranbir’s initial inquest revealed the following:
    Miss Rita, his secretary said that she left the office at 9:30 am, to pick up Mr. Aman’s wife, Preeti Singh’s, now repaired watch. When she returned at 10:30 am, Rita had found Aman lying dead on the floor. There were papers scattered all around the body. He had been hit on the right side of his head with a blunt object. The lock on his file cabinet was broken and some papers seemed missing. Miss Rita said, when she left for the watchmakers, Mr. Aman Singh was alone in his cabin.
    Aman Singh’s diary showed he had only one appointment that morning, between 9:30 & 10 am, with Mr Raj Malhotra. Raj is the head of the department which lends and invests in real-estate projects. Raj had an aggressive mindset and differed from Aman about the company’s vision and investment policies. Raj clarified that although they had had a heated argument, he had left after their meeting ended at 9:50 am and Aman was perfectly alright at the time.
    Mr Mandeep, the CFO, whose cabin was next to Aman’s, said, that at 9:15 he saw Mr. Aman’s nephew, Sandeep, barge unannounced into his cabin. The two had a heated argument and it seemed like Sandeep was in need of money and was under debt. The CFO, further stated that he saw Sandeep lurking around the office near the vending machine till just before Miss Rita arrived. Mr. Mandeep also revealed that at around 10 am he heard a loud thud coming from Mr. Aman’s office but at the time thought that Aman had dropped his briefcase or something.

    Help Vikram and Ranbir to solve the case and find out (a) the killer, (b) the motive and (c) the murder weapon

    Visit the blog on my website – http://www.siddharthm.in for further clues and to post your answers. For your convenience I will repost the story on my blog.

    First 3 people to tag their 3 friends, follow me on Instagram and twitter and correctly guess all 3 answers shall get a copy of Lynchpin from me.
    Answers will be revealed tomorrow afternoon.

    FURTHER CLUES, which Vikram and Ranbir have deduced so far –

    1. At a board meeting scheduled for this afternoon Mr. Aman was to give a report on the bank’s profits.
    2. Miss Rita and Mr. Aman occasionally spent nights together at a hotel.
    3. The victim was hit on the head from behind
    4. Miss Rita and Mr Raj Malhotra are left handed.
    5. For the past 2 years Mr. Mandeep had been living well above his means.

    6. Weapon clue – 2 parts (Fill in the blanks to find the answers) – (a). 1st part – News_ _ _ _ _
    (b). People diet to reduce _ _ _ _ _ _
    7. Motive clue – 4 parts (a). 3rd part – What shaped room did Lynreid Banks write about
    (b). 4th part – essential for construction work Ce_ _ _ _
    (c). 1st part – 2/3 of emu
    (d). 2nd part – the sound a bee makes

    8. Killer clue – 2 parts (a). 1st part – Opposite of woman
    (b). 2nd part – opposite of shallow


        Yes you are correct. Mr Aman was to present the company’s financials at the board meeting that afternoon. Mr Mandeep had been swindling the funds and to prevent Mr Aman from revealing his activities to the board, he killed him.


    Jaiprakash Mathur – He works at the Mumbai ATC. He is an introvert but an intelligent and efficient man. He takes initiative in his work and has a great memory. He has an astute understanding of economics and has a rational mind. He is sharp and was a brilliant student. His mother was a maid who did not have the finances to raise him. He was later adopted by the family where his mother worked. He lost his foster parents during the Tsunami that hit Southern India in 2004.


    Character Sketch of Vikram Aditya Singh – Inspector in the Crime Branch of Worli police Station. Vikram is lean, fit and well built. He is in his mid thirties. Married to Sanyukta, who is a professional translator and interpreter who translates Pashto to English and is officially registered with the Mumbai police. Vikram had a love marriage. Lives with his parents. His father is a cartoon artist and his mother works as a propulsion expert in ISRO. His mother is a formidable chess player and Vikram has learnt chess from her. She is methodical and intelligent and the same skills have been passed down by her to Vikram. She is also fond of spies and detectives and supports Vikram’s choice of profession as she believes in being part of the system and to improve it from within.
    Vikram has learnt his observational skills from his father, who is a cartoon artist. Vikram is strategist, hard working, patient, calculative, determined, focused, meticulous and works with a single minded purpose. He is quick to observe and interpret, but is not always correct in his interpretations and is sometimes brash about his observations and inklings. Smokes cigarettes and is happy to ignore the rules to fulfil his agendas.

    Let me know what you think about the character and the impression it created on you


    Character sketch of Ranbir Roy – Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), second in command, in the Intelligence Bureau (IB). He has spent a decade in the IB. He is Married to Mousumi and has two daughters. He is in his late thirties. Ranbir is tall and has a heavier built than Vikram, yet is not fat. He has an excellent network of spies and informants who act as his eyes and ears to give him ground level information. He is a good manager and has the ability to successfully delegate his work. He is cautious and calm yet easily loses hope and gets anxious. He is pedantic and prefers to follow the rules. He is tactful and not egoistic. He has a deep sense of camaraderie for those with whom he is working and has a strong sense of responsibility.

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