Present day India: About 1.4 Billion people, living across its twenty-nine states and seven union territories, speaking about one thousand six hundred and fifty-two languages and following at least nine recognized religions, stand united in the country.

A sinister plan, of a shrewd calculating mastermind, has set the wheels of doom in motion. Based upon his interpretation of John Calhoun’s study of mice, he is pulling the lynchpins across the country and making it fall into disarray. He is using everyone in his path to achieve his goals. Within thirty days he intends to control the nation’s soul.

As chaos grips the country, it is a race against time for DSP Ranbir Roy of the Intelligence Bureau and Inspector Vikram Aditya Singh to stop him before anarchy dooms the country.

The pieces are set, the board is laid out but what happens when your own pawns move against you? What will be the end game?